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Sneakers that go crazy are our favourite! Our weekly and monthly conversations always revolve around how successful sneakers have been, but it has defiantly come to our attention that we might have a sneaker of the year.
We have shipped this sneaker thousands of times this year, and it's only October. What does that tell you?
Additionally, it's currently on sale, so make sure to check if your size is available while you're browsing. If we do not have it, please do not hesitate to contact us as we can easily source it for you!
Probably by now, you've already guessed.
JORDAN 1 MID BANNED (2020)   @safer_house 
 With the Air Jordan 1 Mid Banned, the brands design identity is presented in a clean, modern manner. The versatility enables sneaker lovers to wear them for any occasion. Head over to our Instagram to seek inspiration on how to style them!
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