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Would you brave the Mix & Match? - Cop The Sauce

Would you brave the Mix & Match?

Our Jordans have been no doubt one of our most popular collections here at Cop The Sauce! No wonder why have a read about our two controversial styled sneakers and why you need to add a pair or two to your collection!
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Would you brave the Mix & Match style?
Cop The Sauce
 A little bit more about these very popular sneakers…
Dunk Low green glow
The Women's Nike Dunk Low Green Glow sneakers have been undeniably popular here at Cop The Sauce, it is defiantly loved by all sneaker lovers.

The Dunk Lows have an inviting smooth leather construction throughout as well as pristine white underlays, the panels are draped in Green Glow overlays that enable the sneaker to have amazing contrast.

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Nike Dunk Low UNC Blue

This Nike Dunk Low Blues were and still are one of the freshest releases to date, they are an amazing pair to get your hands on.

They have all the original features all sneaker lovers know and love. They are breathable, elegant, and have a full-length midsole which is displayed in a fresh white colour.


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