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What is new in? Everything Yeezy slides! - Cop The Sauce

What is new in? Everything Yeezy slides!

We have various products added to our shop weekly! This week we want to talk about everything Yeezy slides.
They have been undeniably selling out quicker than we can sauce them.
Have you managed to grab a pair?
@Gino.natar        @Del.ten         @030mrtn
We have every colour available including; Pure, Resin, Soot, Glow Green, Core and Orange.
A little background about the brand Yeezy and the slides themselves.
The brand Yeezy is a well-known fashion collaboration which is between Kanye West and Adidas.
The collaboration has seen great success since 2015. The brand has released various items such as slides, socks, and slippers. 
Yeezy slides first came about in September 2021 with different colours still releasing. 
Click here to purchase your pair of 'Soot' slides today.
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